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Bulletin # 13 (November 03rd, 2013 10:00 utc) 

All QSOs uploaded to LotW!!


Bulletin # 12 (October 31, 2013 07:00 utc)

From today, OQRS is closed! All QSL requests from now please only via direct or via bureau (QSL manager DL4SVA - see  QSL-Info)


Bulletin # 11 (September 17th, 2013 - 08:00 utc)

we observed a lot of requests for QSLs, that we send out, but never receiving the destinators....
We are sorry, but all direct and OQRS requests where answered.
If someone didn't got his direct QSL, please let us know.... we will send a new QSL again (only if we got a Paypal donation).
Please ask


Bulletin # 10 (September 09th, 2013 - 08:00 utc)


5W0M will closing down the OQRS at the end of October 2013. In the moment it is open for direct QSLs via PAYPAL and free bureau requests. In November we will upload the complete log to LoTW.
For the next years paper QSL cards are still available from our QSL-Manager Georg, DL4SVA, via CBA, bureau or mail. No eQSL.



Bulletin # 9 (July 25th, 2013 - 08:00 utc)

25-July-2013: All until today received direct letters and OQRS for direct are answered. New incoming direct requests will handled in a few days and the QSL traffic via bureau has started.



Bulletin - May 6th 2013



  We are all deeply saddened  by the unexpected death of our team member DF1AL. He was a fine DXer and contester and a good friend – we will never forget him. RIP Joe!




Bulletin # 7 (June 11th, 2013 - 08:00 utc)

We start sending out our QSLs beginning on June, 15th.
First OQRS and direct requests........
Sample QSL see 'Home'



Bulletin # 6 (May 4th, 2013 - 12:00 utc)

All team members arrived safely at their home on April 20th. We are rather satisfied with the high number of QSOs especially with Europe and especially on 12 and 10 m due to the high SFI. Also the 6 m-openings to Japan were a great surprise. Right now we are designing a QSL-card and hope to start the QSL traffic in June by our manager DL4SVA. First OQRS direct, then direct letters with enough postage (please no IRCs), then OQRS bureau and later bureau cards. LoTW still before the end of this year (Nov. 2013).

We give our warm thanks to Gabriella and friends from Le Lagoto, to Atsuo, 5W1SA and all our helpers and sponsors who made this DXpedition possible and a success.



Bulletin # 5 (April 14th, 2013 - 08:00 utc)

60m activity on 5.404 kHz
14.04.2013 - 17:00 utc
15.04.2013 - 06:00 utc



Bulletin # 4 (April 14th, 2013 - 00:00 utc)


We are aware of the big demand for low band operation. But the low bands
never were the main aim of this DXpedition, though you certainly will have
recognized that we are well active on them as well. As you all know, the
season is just not right for concentrating on the low bands.

Especially for Europe the perfect low band time would be December/January,
so during the Hurricane season, and of course we were aware of this fact
before planning this DXpedition. But the time is perfect for the high bands,
and the conditions, which momentarily are simply great, help us a lot in
this respect.

We also all know that Germany always has some kind of a disadvantage working
into complicated areas like 5W, while more Easterly located European
countries and Russia, and also the Southern part of Europe, have it much
easier, especially on the high bands.

But we are sure that our countrymen have no reason to complain, as we are
approaching 3.500 DL contacts in the log !!!

In use we have two Spiderbeams, in addition diverse loops and verticals for
160 through 10m at the beach, plus an EWE receive antenna.

During our daytime we hardly can create any pile ups, but during our night
time the pile ups are simply massive, and, we are very sorry to say, very
indisciplined !

Even stations with extremely big signals we often have to call up to 10
times, as others just transmit on top of them before the QSO was logged.

So please gentlemen, we do understand about your enthusiasm, but be so kind
and behave friendly, patient and cooperating, this way QSOs will be logged
much quicker, and this will help every single ham.

The bands 160 and 80m, unfortunately 40 m likewise, show a noise level up to
S7, may be due to the air condition system or some other electronic devices
of the hotel complex. Therefore an optimum operation on the low bands simply
is impossible, and this may be postponed to other DXpeditions in future that
may be active during better low band times. But again, we are active also on
the low bands and try our very best to serve you with a contact there.

The Internet is available only in time slots and very expensive. But as you
all will have noticed, we upload QSOs to club log as often as possible.

We will now focus even more on the higher bands in the RTTY mode, as also
requested from many sides. We are in contact with 5W1SA, who has visited us
and has served us with several senseful hints.

So thanks to all for the big interest in working us, we do appreciate it,
and will continue to log as many of you on all possible bands in all kind of
modes. QRT is planned for the 17th of April about 02 GMT.
Bulletin # 3 (April 05th, 2013 - 07:50 utc)


All 4,500 qsos so far have been done with simple wire antennas hung up in the bushes around. This is because the pallet with our antennas and the 2m-EME-equipment arrived only today evening after sunset. We shall have all planned antennas up and running within two days. 



Bulletin #2 (March 30th, 2013)

The preparations for the 5W0M DXpedition are on schedule. All team members will start at the Easter weekend from Germany to Samoa. We have most of our technical equipment with us and want to realize a limited but solid DXpedition with good preparing and high motivated operators. All antennas were sent already in February to Samoa, but have not yet arrived at the hotel. We hope, it will still happen in time. Therefore we are very thankful for the great assistance of Atsuo, 5W1SA. Setting the issue may involve extra costs for the team. Our thanks go also to all our friends and organisations, who supported this DXpedition. 

We will operate with up to 5 stations 5W0M parallel using CW, SSB and RTTY with the particular focus on the higher bands because of sun spot cycle 24 maximum. There is only the possibility of one signal per band plus a separate 2-m-EME-station. We don’t expect good results on lowbands but we are prepared. If performance on 80 m will be good in the first week, we will give 160 m a try in the second week of our stay. Radio operations may start around local noon of April 4th at the earliest. 

Your serious reports and comments about propagations from everywhere are welcome. Please send no QSO-corrections during the DXpedition. This will be handled by our QSL-manager DL4SVA after the expedition only. A daily log-update is planned under Clublog. Further news see http://5w0m.hkmann.de/ 

Rolf DL7VEE Team leader



Bulletin #1 (November 16th, 2012)

We got our license. It includes all bands from 160 to 2 m, also 60 m.
The call for our group is 5W0M.

Let’s start.



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