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mni tnx!
19.04.2013, 18:38:10
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Hi guys,
thanks a lot for the all- time new one!
Worked with 100W and a dipole...
Have a safe trip home!
73, Roman 

Great Work
18.04.2013, 22:37:09
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Many thanks to your team for a job well done.  

Good ops!
18.04.2013, 11:51:59
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Tnx for the contacts on 7 bands with 100W and vertcal AV-640 emoticon 

Both Modes
17.04.2013, 23:36:10
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Vy Fb Dr Om's-Only had time to turn rig on last 2 days of ur op,however was able to wrk u on 15 cw/ssb ur last two days.This with my own call es that of club's call-N2UL. Tnx fer ur operation,Gregor-W2MYA. 

Very nice expedition
17.04.2013, 23:21:59
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Many tks for giving me 5 bands/3 modes.
Congrats, you made a great jod.
73 to the whole crew
Laurent F6BBO  

17.04.2013, 21:25:55
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Many thanks to 5W0M Team and in particular Heye for giving me Samoa on 30m cw, Vy 73
Patrick EI4IR 

Great DXpedition !
17.04.2013, 16:16:40
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Thanks for the 5 bands! Too bad that the low bands were not possible but you did a great job. Very good ears. Safe travels home. Thank you again.
Andy N3QVB 

17.04.2013, 15:53:57
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TKS for 3 modes and 3 new bands! Have a safe trip home.
73, Russ, WA2VQV 

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