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1st Contact
26.05.2013, 06:24:37
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Thank you for all your hard efforts and patience. I have never worked as a DX, I can only imagine what it must be like to pick a voice out of hundres or thousands! emoticon This was also my 1st contact with Samoa, thank you for giving me that opportunity.
I know the requests for qcards is enormous. As a suggestion, if you had a way for the amatuers that primarily use EQSL (as I do) to acknowledge them, I know myself would be very grateful. (Your contact would have given me my 1st DXCC award).
Thank you again, I look forward to my hard copy qcard and best wishes and good luck on future DX's!! emoticonemoticon
All the best, 73's Ron-W4AAL 

OQRS Confirmation
24.05.2013, 22:16:07
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Thank you for great operators and patience in the pile ups. Worked just three bands but that's three more than I had before the DXpedition. Just one question about OQRS. We confirmed our QSOs and requested OQRS confirmation and donated 5 pounds. Should we receive a confirmation for the QSOs and the donation via email? TU es 73, Raymond 

73 DX
05.05.2013, 18:18:57
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Tnx for the QSO cu AGN. 

TNX 6m QSO .PSE CHK OQRS Band selector.
30.04.2013, 02:38:26
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Thank you very much 6m QSO. It is my 1st 5W on 6m.
Please correct OQRS band selecter ,because I cannot find 6m in OQRS.
Best 73 OM. 

Good job and next year to ZK3 :-)
29.04.2013, 12:37:22
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Hello all 5W0M team members!
Thank you all QSO´s and your singnal was very good all time/ bands in Finland!!! I hope that you can thinking next year 2014 trip to Tokelau Is. It is different working, because I missed both DL Hams (ZK3N and ZK3T) DX-peditions on 10m and 12m. I would like to be the first supporter man of next year's expedition!
73, cu OH3JF & OG3077F 

26.04.2013, 22:54:50
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Thank you very much for hearing my little signal...very good operators.

Thank´s Ernst
22.04.2013, 19:05:48
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Thank you, Ernst for your patiance during my QSO on 20m on the 16/4.
My padle broke down so i did send a lot of missspelled CW untill a friend handed me a new one.
73 de SM4LRA / Christer 

20.04.2013, 03:02:11
Thank you for the successful DXpedition to Samoa.
Peter VK2NN

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